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Having more followers on Twitter attracts more followers. Literally millions of people cheat their numbers of followers. Why? Simply because it makes you, your brand, your product, or anything else that you are promoting on your Twitter account look more established. Nobody really cares about anything new until it is proven to be famous, or useful or popular. Mostly the general public is pretty conservative, and will only like something if the masses like it. You can now buy Twitter followers in Canada and other countries.

Cheating Twitter by artificially growing your following is the first step that everyone should take when starting out their Twitter marketing campaign.

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Is Cheating Twitter Followers Really A Common Practice?

Cheating Twitter followers has become so popular that it is not even a secret anymore. People buy Twitter followers in Spain and it is also popular in Germany. All the celebrities, politicians and large companies do it, because it works. The medias around the world on TV, Radio and newspapers have exposed this clever marketing strategy and cheated followers have become an industry standard. Millions have done it before and according to Google search engine  statistics, over 200 000 new people every month are looking online for new ways to cheat their followers.

The Importance Of Marketing On Twitter

Originally created in 2006 to offer an SMS alternative online, Twitter has grown to be one of the top 5 most visited websites in the world. It has over 500 million users and continues to grow fast every year. No matter why some users cheated their followers even back in 2006;they knew the enormous  potential of this micro blogging platform and knew that to stand out in a see of 500 million users, they had to create some buzz around their page by boosting and cheating followers. In 2012, Lady Gaga used this technique for her own marketing, declaring that she is the first user to reach 20 million followers, while only 9 million of her fans were real, and 11 million were cheated! The medias did’t realize this and it gave her worldwide publicity and exposure.

Does Twitter Penalize Cheaters?

Absolutely not! Why? Because they don’t want to lose their precious users and community. Imagine that around 10% of users cheat Twitter, they would have to ban 50 million people? The large size of their community is what makes them so special compared to all the other social media platforms, they are one of the best and most famous, and absolutely want to stay on top. Plus they also introduced Twitter advertising recently, and the more users they have, the more profits their ads will generate. This is why they let cheaters increase their followers, it really means no harm to them. What they do instead is try to increase their security levels and security algorithms, but there is a lot of clever programmers out there that will always find a way to cheat Twitter followers.

Will These Twitter Cheats Still Work In The Future?

Like we discussed earlier, this practice really means no harm to Twitter, and there will always be some smart computer tech savvy people that will be able to cheat the system. Twitter has changed the internet, it is here to say for sure. It is in your advantage to cheat your Twitter followers and implement a long term online marketing strategy on this great social media platform as it helps you connect with your customers and increase interest, website traffic, and revenues.

10 Things To Do After Cheating Followers

1. Upload a professional-looking avatar (profile picture). People will not take your seriously if you profile picture is taken with your iPhone and blurry. Ask a friend handy with a camera to help. You do not need any expensive equipment, but remember that lighting is everything. Even gathering a few lamps and hanging a nice ironed bed sheet on he wall of your bedroom can generate excellent results. Stay away from overdoing effects with Photoshop.

2. Take advantage of the Twitter cover option. This is the area that appears over your tweets. It can be customized and is a perfect opportunity to show your professional branding and invite people to visit your website.

3. Customize your Twitter Page design. Your overall design is your only chance to make a good first impression for your future potential followers. Leaving the generic Twitter light blue background lacts originality. Choose a soft, easy on the eyes, background color that matches your branding and logos.

4. Tell people around you about your new Twitter page. The people you are the closest to, like brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, will always become your first followers (along with your cheated followers). They will spread the word to family friend and others, and will also provide mental support that will motivate you to get started on Twitter and push things further as well.

5. Follow people in your industry on Twitter. Just the fact that they will get a notification when you start following them will attract their curiosity and they will most likely go check out your page right away. Commenting on their tweets, and re-tweeting them will also increase your interaction in the Twitter community and attract a real following to complement your cheated followers.

6. Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account. This will automatically publish every single one of your tweets to your Facebook wall as well, reaching twice as much users, and also reaching users on Facebook that might not use Twitter yet.

7. Add a Twitter ‘share’ button to your website and blog posts. Add it everywhere you can. This is something that really you can’t overdo. Re-tweeting is a very powerful tool and not only spreads the word about you on Twitter, but with a lot of re-tweets tend to be placed higher in Google search results, attracting organic traffic to your page or article from Google as well, with the potential of reaching millions of people!

8. Add your Twitter handle on all of your physical promotional material. Promoting yor Twitter account offline is a must as well, and it makes you look like you are a serious business on top of the game, with both online and offline marketing, which will gain the trust of your new potential customers.

9. Tweet daily. It is proven that regular daily tweets ends up in more engagement and better follower retention. Do no wait only until you have an important announcement to write a tweet. The goal is to remind your followers everyday that you exist, this way they will not forget you, and will definitely think of you first when they need the services that your offer.

10. Keep on cheating your followers to simulate a natural, organic growth in popularity over time. This will appear to people following you like you are growing a you go, and will also attract more interest and real followers in the future.