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Having more Likes attract more likes. Everyone cheats their Facebook likes and fans. The general public is mostly still unaware of this great and effective Facebook marketing strategy, but most business owners or entrepreneur-minded people realize that artificially increasing your numbers of fans generates buzz about yourself and your brand or company, and it also triggers people’s curiosity, attracting more fans like a magnet.

Buying Facebook likes should be the first thing at the top of your list when it comes to your Facebook marketing campaign strategy.

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Is buying Facebook Likes Really Common?

Yes. Everyone wants to be more famous on Facebook. Thousands of businesses buy Facebook likes in Canada and also in the United States, Spain, Germany and around the world. Millions of people have done it since Facebook is born and every year cheated fans grow in popularity at an exponential rate. According to Google Keyword Tool, over 200 000 new people every month cheat their Facebook fan base, and that it excluding all the ones that did in the past and continue cheating on an ongoing basis to simulate a realistic progressive growth in likes on their page.

Why Do People Buy Facebook Fans?

Facebook has not only taken over the internet as the most visited and famous website ever with hundreds of millions of page views and photo uploads per day, but it has also taken over the world: 1 Billion users are on Facebook, there is not one day of our lives where we don’t see the Facebook logo on TV, billboards, coffee shops, music concert.This is why it has become a must to cheat your likes: all your competitors are doing it, if you don’t, it makes you look unsuccessful. To cheat likes is one of the key secret of Facebook marketing.

Do Facebook Finds Out About Cheaters?

Facebook hires the best developers and website designers to run this social media giant. Of course they know about cheated likes and fans. But it doesn’t cause them any harm. In fact let’s take Justin Bieber as an example. He has hundreds of thousands of cheated likes on his page. That makes him attract more people to visit not only his page, but visit Facebook. These people join the Facebook band wagon because of his fame. Then become users themselves, are exposed to paid advertisements, increase Facebook popularity and daily traffic, and getting more visitors means that ads can be sold for more money. So the more people cheat Facebook likes, the more it attracts people to the website, and the more money the  company makes.

10 Actions To Take After you buy Facebook Likes

1. Find a powerful and professional looking image for your timeline cover. This image is the first thing that new visitors will see when visiting your Fan Page. They will judge you in an instant according to how your timeline photo looks like. This cover is your one chance to make a good impression. It represents your brand.

2. Customize your apps images. Facebook apps are great, but having a load of different looking app and third party logos and designs can make you page inconsistent and look unprofessional, because it ruins your branding. Ask a graphic designer to make custom app thumbnails for you, using either the same colors and your main logo and branding, or the same fonts, or both. Brand consistency, along with having cheated your likes to appear more credible, are the top 2 factors that make people take you more seriously and will help them seeing you as a trusted professional;this will attract more fans.

3. Tell your friends and family. These are your first and most important fans. Everything starts within your own network and your Facebook success will start right here, then expand to your city, your state, your country, and the world.

4. Publicly announce that you reached a high number of Facebook Likes. It is good publicity. Thank your fans for helping you reach such a high likes count by throwing a party, or giving away free promotional products.

5. Engage your fan base. Do not just send selfish status updates every day; you will bore your fans. Engage them into conversations. Organize contests. Give away free stuff or create discounts that are only available to your people that like your Facebook page. Make them laugh by posting funny posts or status updates. Every likes to laugh.

6. Promote your Facebook page on other social media networks. The more the better. All platforms like Youtube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest and more all have a dedicated section in your user profile where you can put your Facebook fan page link. The more people see your link, the more visitors and likes you will get.

7. Link your Facebook account to your Twitter account. This will automatically and effortlessly post all your Facebook posts as a tweet on your Twitter page,doubling your reach and also reaching many people that might not use Facebook as their prefer using Twitter. Don’t forget to use our services to cheat Twitter Followers as well.

8. Promote your Facebook Fan Page URL in the real world as well (offline). Print it on promotional materials, flyers, CDs, DVDs, even your cash register receipts. People will take these things home with them and most likely will visit your Facebook Page. Once you have a lot of likes, you own these fans just like in a mailing list, and can remind them of your business and products on a daily basis for months and even years to come. Having a customer base like this is priceless.

9. Create a QR code for your Facebook Fan Page. More and more tech savvy people scan QR codes when they go shopping. Likify is a free service to generate a QR code for you. This acts as a like button as soon as people scan it with their mobile devices: they will automatically become your Facebook fans.

10. Keep gradually increasing your cheated likes every month. This simulates a natural growth in popularity and will have your first fans proud of having liked your fan page even before your became really famous. Doing this while having an ongoing Facebook marketing strategy in place will definitely rise you above all of your competitors and lead to Facebook success and fame.